History makes us understand the most profound value of our present, of our future.

Everything began in 1815. That was the year when Gaspare Sironi, founder of the company of the same name, decided to devote himself to this activity, entrusting country people with the task of hand weaving the yarn that he selected himself. The next generation made this activity grow, creating the basis for the industrial company that was founded in 1850.
Within the space of twenty years, handlooms disappeared, giving way to the first mechanical looms allowing them to produce high quality fabrics and lining materials.

Cervotessile’s present is represented by the products that have made the company world-famous: linings, fabrics, interlinings. Elements whose essentiality contribute to the design of unforgettable textile histories. That is why they are preferred to others: because they are able to combine quality and harmony, research and result, usefulness and beauty, starting off from a great history that is the absolute value of this company.

All the generations that followed, each in their own way, brought something important to the company’s business project: a project on an international scale, but founded on a strong family vision. For example, just think of the value represented by the extension of the activity with the dyeing and finishing departments.
And again, the decision to introduce new machines, with the awareness that technology is fundamental to obtain a quality that wants to exceed itself, which isn’t content just asserting its own value.

An important date marks the reality of today. That date is 1981, the year when Cervotessile Spa was founded, a commercial firm flanking the historic industrial reality that is Gaspare Sironi Spa. Today the two companies interact, integrate and evolve, sharing a precise vision that combines experience, service and excellent results.



Gaspare Sironi was founded by the man whose name it bears, who served as a soldier in Napoleon I’s army. When he returned to civilian life, he took the first steps in that activity which, as the decades passed, would become an industrial enterprise. He began by obtaining a stock of yarn that he gave to country people to weave by hand, then sold the cloth that they produced.


Gaspare was succeeded by his son Giuseppe, who developed the commercial work, laying the basis for the industrial business that finally started in 1850. A second Gaspare continued the first weaving of linings and interlinings on handlooms located in a three-storey building.


The first mechanical looms – more than 150 – began operating, ensuring a production of excellent quality fabrics and linings. In the 20s, his successor Giuseppe gave the company a great boost.


In the 50s, his sons Gaspare and Cesare further increased the activity with the dyeing and finishing departments.


Under the guidance of Giuseppe Sironi and his sons Cesare and Pietro, the commercial activity was strengthened further with the creation of Cervotessile spa. The renewal of the company was accompanied by the search for constant improvement in the choices of materials, the patterns and the finishing quality, enabling them to offer a superior product.


The new production unit in China was opened. In 2009 the new logistics platform in Tunisia was opened.


A branch is opened in New York with the inauguration of a new office.


A new approach was introduced to enhance environmentally friendly practices with a careful eye to achieving valuable eco-certifications.