Secondo Tempo and the new Spring Summer 2025 Collection

Our collection stands out for its dedicated focus on sustainability.
We are proud to offer not only style and quality, but also a reduced ecological footprint, promoting a conscious and responsible consumption.


Regenerative Cotton

This collection promotes sustainable fashion, using cotton sourced from regenerative agriculture. Through crop rotation and precision seeding, the use of water and harmful chemicals is reduced by promoting the regeneration of the soil microbiota by improving crops and increasing soils productivity. With classic constructions items such as satin and gabardine, we offer uncompromising style for a healthier planet.


Recycle Cotton Ecrù and Ready to dye garment

This line incorporates recycled cotton, supporting circular economy. Ecrù fabrics represent our commitment to minimize environmental impact, while classic items are ready to be dyed. By combining sustainability and versatility, we offer conscious fashion solutions.


Sustainable Fluid

The collection adapts to the need for freedom of movement and practicality in wearing garments. The fabrics, enriched with Tencel fiber, offer softness and freshness, ensuring comfort and versatility. By combining functionality and style, we offer solutions that embrace the dynamism of modern life.