We can integrate Naia™ sustainable acetate with our fabrics

No compromise between fashion and sustainability: Naia™ cellulose acetate is unbeatable for quality, performance, appearance, and eco-sustainability.
Mixed with other fibers, it enhances performances.

Are there any sustainable fibers with the same appearance, quality and performance as fibers made from traditional raw materials? The answer is yes. That’s why our Coarezza and Bogogno mills have already taken steps to create products in which we replace, upon request, the traditional acetate contained in our products, with Naia™ Renew sustainable acetates. This development is a real evolutionary leap in the fashion industry.

Zero impact

  • Cellulose is sourced from certified sustainable forests or plantations;
  • Acetic acid is sourced from waste plastics diverted from landfill and used in a patented carbon renewal system. It returns waste plastic to its molecular building blocks to be used in new materials. Compared to the traditional process, PET does not need to be separated and cleaned from other plastics;
  • Circular industrial process: water is reused, solvents are safe and are put back into the production cycle;
  • The fibers produced are biodegradable and compostable.

Fabrics with excellent appearance and performance

The final product is a yarn that is not only sustainable, but it also does not compromise the qualities and characteristics of the “traditional / non-recycled”. In fact, the appearance, comfort, ease of care, mechanical qualities and creative possibilities are improved:

  • Versatile finishing (lustrous or matte), beautiful drape, silky soft hand, deep and intense colours;
  • Natural breathability, cool to touch, hypoallergenic, quick drying, odor management;
  • Dimensional stability, pilling resistant, easy stain removal.

All characteristics that project towards the next generation of the fashion industry: quality, innovation, sustainability. And always up-to-date.